Vi vägleds av vår uppdrag We Grow to Give (vi växer för att dela med oss) och är stolta över att stödja OtterCares Foundation. Genom program och projekt inspirerar OtterCares barn till att bli entreprenörer, filantroper, driftiga fixare och givare med makt att förändra världen.

Hjälp oss att stödja de globala ideella organisationer som deltar i OtterBox donationsprogram. Allt du behöver göra är att köpa en av dina favoritprodukter från OtterBox. Sedan väljer du en ideell organisation att donera till (på vår bekostnad) och stödjer det som de kämpar för samt vårt uppdrag.*

Det är så enkelt… köp, välj, ge.

*Purchase an OtterBox-branded protective case product for a smartphone or tablet, then OtterBox will donate One United States Dollar (USD $1.00) directly to the selected nonprofit, up to a maximum donation amount by OtterBox to all nonprofits combined per calendar year during the campaign of Two Million and 00/100 United States Dollars (USD $2,000,000.00).

We believe transformational change begins with education. That’s why we support Khan Academy, a nonprofit that reaches over 100 million learners in over 190 countries. Khan Academy provides high-quality lessons, interactive software, and tools for students, teachers and parents--all for free.

Entrepreneurship has been in our DNA since our founding over 100 years ago. Today, we serve more than 12 million students each year who go on to build ethical and sustainable small businesses that contribute to family income, provide community employment and even incubate global social movements that help meet the challenges of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In over 100 countries, JA Worldwide educates and prepares students to be responsible earners and stewards of their financial health while cultivating and exercising entrepreneurial thinking.

We believe all young people possess dreams, ambition, and the same spark of potential—but opportunities are not so equitably distributed. That’s why for 30 years, we’ve been standing by, for, and with young people everywhere, equipping and inspiring them to unlock their potential and create the future they want. Working with a network of local and global partners, we provide training and other interventions that open doors to economic opportunity; we shape education, employment and other systems to better serve youth needs; and we elevate the views and voices of the world’s amazing young people. We can’t do it alone. Join us—together, we can transform lives!